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Amanda H. Testimonial

I was really a mess - many broken bones, brain trauma, just really did not expect to live but Memorial Herman was close by and they were fabulous, and they saved my life.

The fact that I did, in the accident, that I did break a couple of vertebrae and crush another is the reason that I was labeled a paraplegic. And I was told point-black, “You’ll never walk again.” So then it was left to me to try, and I tried - PT, OT, swimming, acupuncture, I did body talk, all types of modalities, anything I could try.

My husband is probably one of the few people who actually still reads a newspaper. And he said, “Look at this, there’s a seminar on stem cells. Are you interested?” and I said, “Oh yes! Let’s go.” And I was really, really anxious to try it because it was available, it was convenient, I thought the price was very reasonable.

I got it and then I went on about my life. I happened to go out of town actually for that weekend, and I was at a friend’s and she wanted to clean out her closet and I said, “I’ll help you clean your closet.” And without thinking, I moved all of her jeans from 1 high rack to another high rack, 64 pairs of jeans, I might add just so you know. By the time I did that, I looked, I thought, “Oh my God! I did that, I did that with my arm, with my shoulder.” And it doesn’t hurt, I wasn’t even able to raise my arm that far, much less not have it hurt. I mean I couldn’t sleep on it, I couldn’t wave with it, I could only move it maybe this high. And even the therapies that I had done, they were very short lasting.

So I was pretty stoked, I thought that was just pretty remarkable. And then there were other things, my hair, my skin, my nails, all felt better. I had much less inflammation on my body, I can take my wedding ring off, which I’ve not been able to do. One of my feet is a drop foot so I wore a brace, and I’ve always had a pathway to my big toe that I could just move it, I mean you could hardly see it but I could move it. But now I can move all the rest of my toes, enough that you could actually see it. So that pathway is working and getting better. That wasn’t one of my goals but I’ll certainly take it.

Do it. Go for it. Try it. There are no downsides to it, and I just feel that you have to be mentally open to it. But your body’s going to take care of the rest of it, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.