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Doctor's with a Heart Day!

24 January 2020

Join us for a Special Seminar for Galveston TX Residents on February 5, 2020!

22 January 2020

Are you suffering from arthritis, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain? Stem cell therapy may be the answer to your problem. You're invited to a FREE Stem Cell Seminar on February 5, 2020 at 12 noon at Mario's Seawall Italian & Pizzeria!

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Where Do Stem Cells Come From

16 January 2020

Bay Colony Chiropractic - Stem Cell Therapy

It is unfortunate that so few people understand exactly what stem cell therapy is and how it can potentially reduce and eliminate a wide assortment of chronic and systemic pain. We want all of you to know that Dr Donna Sanders of Galveston County’s Bay Colony Chiropractic is helping return the quality of life to people on a daily basis via stem cell therapy treatment. Stem cell therapy can potentially make a huge difference in your quality of life.

In order to acquire a basis of understanding about stem cell therapy we believe that a basic understanding of where stem cells come from and which stem cells are best to use in treatment is a excellent place to start. Please visit our webpage “Where Do Stem Cells Come From” and use the contact us form to schedule a discussion in to determine how stem cell therapy can potentially change your life for the better.

Shirley Has Set Aside Plans for Knee Replacement – Permanently!

7 December 2019

Shirley is a darling senior patient of ours who has suffered knee pain for years. An avid volunteer within her community, her severe knee pain once robbed her of what she so loved to do. Then she turned to us here at our Dickinson Bay Colony Chiropractic Clinic for help. Shirley is our latest success story about how chiropractic stem cell therapy has transformed her life as she now has returned to volunteer service, walks, shops, and has returned to a celebration of life.

I mean I’d have to sit for about 30, 45 minutes before I could walk out because my knees were so tender. And that’s probably when I realized I had a problem at that time, so I had to quit the volunteer work and I guess things just sort of went downhill with the knees. I got a Cortisone shot in the 1 knee and that worked for, I don’t know, probably a year or 2. But then things started going again, so I was looking probably at a knee replacement but really didn’t want to do that either.

The stem cell worked very well for me, first month, I thought, “This is nothing.” For a month I thought I wasn’t getting any results, and the next month I thought, “Hey, I believe it’s better.” And by the time the third month, the 90 days that she had said was what it would take, my results are fantastic. I can’t answer for other people who have not had such fantastic results, but my results have been fantastic. I’m very pleased, and would do it again in a minute. If they go bad again, I’m probably going to be knocking on Donna’s door and say, “Hey, when’s the next injection due?” and I’ll probably have another. Stem cells therapies got me on my feet. Has it changed my life? It’s lots better to be on your feet and going than it is to be sitting on a chair and saying, “Oh my knee hurts. I can’t do this, I can’t do that.”

Oh, it has changed my life. I stopped and shopped on the way up here. And I can go shopping if I want to.

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Amazed By How Quickly The Pain Went Away

28 November 2019

Holy smokes this is a powerful testimonial! The blog post title above is a direct quote from our patient Kyra who received stem cell therapy here at our Dickinson Tx Chiropractic Care Clinic for a severe shoulder injury. Kyra states that “Stem cell therapy has truly transformed my life”! Kyra’s story is exactly why all of us here at Bay Colony Chiropractic take such great professional reward in what we do. Each and every day we enjoy new celebrations revolving around returned quality of life to the Kyra’s of the world.

What happened is I hit something, a metal structure over a little stream. And my feet flew, I swear they were up over my head and I landed full force on my shoulder. I kept thinking it was going to get better and I was realizing these little weekly treatments I was having from another care provider were not going to cut it. So, I came to Dr. Sanders and said, can you treat me? And let’s take a look at this, and she did x-rays, and set me for an MRI, and we discovered the severity of three torn tendons and two bursitis and a lot of different things going on with the shoulder. It was excruciating, every movement, I couldn’t live life normal at that point.

I had talked to a couple other people that had had stem cell therapy knowing that they weren’t in the kind of excruciating pain I was in. And that’s what was amazing to me was how quickly the pain, like went way way...I suddenly wasn’t in the same pain. I suddenly felt a freedom to be able to breathe again.

The stem cells truly transformed my life, and I’m an advocate at every level as a result! I felt it in my elbow, in my wrist, coz’ it was this whole side. I feel like it helped my neck as well, but it also like was in my back, I mean I could feel it moving around. So, I think that the changes that I felt were a sense of hope, a hope that there was help for me and that there was healing that was happening.

What you really have to lose is your pain and your suffering. And why would you not choose to take the risk of losing your pain and suffering and attaining well-being? What really is the risk involved? The only risk is the loss of the suffering and the pain that you’ve had. Coz’ there’s no bad side effect. It’s all for the benefit. And so I’m grateful to have that for myself and to welcome others to come and experience that for themselves.

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Gloria’s (Age 77) Knee and Back Pain – GONE!

21 November 2019

Don’t tell Gloria that she and her 77-year-old friends must live with the pain of aging. Listen to Gloria tell the story about how the stem cell therapy she receives here at Bay Colony Chiropractic has turned back the clock to the time when her knees and back did not ache.

I’m 77 now, I’ve had 2 hip surgeries and 1 knee replacement. Orthopedic surgeon gave me Celebrex and it didn’t help that much. I told him I wanted to have injections and he gave me some kind of injection that didn’t work. Then I went another place in Galveston and they gave me 2 injections of the Rooster Comb and it didn’t work either. But I knew they had told me about stem cell therapy so I had the knee done, and also in my arm. And the one in my arm took a little bit longer, but I often had back aches because I had pulled up a bulge in my lower back, in the spine and I’ve noticed the last 2 months, I haven’t had any back aches. And it’s much stronger, so I think it helped. I noticed that I can walk a lot further than I did before, I couldn’t go for walks or anything. Now I can, it doesn’t bother me.

I’m a believer because stem cell therapy worked for me, my knee, and my back too. I haven’t had any more back aches lately. Call Bay Colony Chiropractic (serving Dickinson and League City) today!

Two Weeks After Stem Cell Therapy – Back in the Gym!

14 November 2019

How fast can stem cell therapy completely relieve you of debilitating pain? Well, listen to Billy M’s testimony below. She tells you that it took all of two weeks after her initial stem cell therapy here at Bay Colony Chiropractic to COMPLETELY heal her pain. Here’s Billy’s story:

I’ve done a lot of sports, probably over exercise. I used to do running, long distance running, track, volleyball, soccer, and exercise.

I would say about 3 years ago, I just started getting old. These aches and pains, and dizziness, and just things that I wasn’t used to. I ended up having a blood clot and then a tumor on my kidney, it all came together at the same time. My right shoulder all the way down to my hip, I almost couldn’t get off the table, that side just hurt.

A lot of people just take medication and move on, and I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with me and fix that, versus taking pills every day. I have had stem cell therapy done in December, 2 weeks later I was literally, and it’s funny, laying on the floor trying to make my back hurt, like, okay this is weird. I tried every angle, nope, it didn’t, and it still doesn’t. I went back to exercising, I went back to the gym. Just gotta pick yourself up and go, but it’s nice to go to the gym and not be in pain afterwards, so yep that’s exciting. Coz’ I used to live in the gym, 2-3 hours every day.

Right now, I wish when I did sign up I would have got two injections at that time and not just one. And I would do it all over again, and I am going to do it all over again!

Billy, we’re so glad things are “working out” (Get it? “Working out” for this gym rat) for you. So, comedians we are not, but we are professionals who successfully treat countless types of pain and return quality of life to our patients. Call Bay Colony Chiropractic (serving Dickinson and League City) today!

Stem Cell Therapy Has “Paraplegic” Moving Again

7 November 2019

Here is a truly inspiring story that we simply must share with you. Listen to Amanda explain how the stem cell therapy that she receives here at our Dickinson Bay Colony Chiropractic care clinic has empowered her to shed the title “paraplegic”. Stem cell therapy has returned quality of life to Amanda and transitioned her from despair to a “sky’s the limit” attitude. Amanda, we celebrate your systematic march forward in improved health.

I was really a mess - many broken bones, brain trauma, just really did not expect to live but Memorial Herman was close by and they were fabulous, and they saved my life.

The fact that I did, in the accident, that I did break a couple of vertebrae and crush another is the reason that I was labeled a paraplegic. And I was told point-black, “You’ll never walk again.” So then it was left to me to try, and I tried - PT, OT, swimming, acupuncture, I did body talk, all types of modalities, anything I could try.

My husband is probably one of the few people who actually still reads a newspaper. And he said, “Look at this, there’s a seminar on stem cell therapy in League City. Are you interested?” and I said, “Oh yes! Let’s go.” And I was really, really anxious to try it because it was available, it was convenient, I thought the price was very reasonable.

I got it and then I went on about my life. I happened to go out of town actually for that weekend, and I was at a friend’s and she wanted to clean out her closet and I said, “I’ll help you clean your closet.” And without thinking, I moved all of her jeans from 1 high rack to another high rack, 64 pairs of jeans, I might add just so you know. By the time I did that, I looked, I thought, “Oh my God! I did that, I did that with my arm, with my shoulder.” And it doesn’t hurt, I wasn’t even able to raise my arm that far, much less not have it hurt. I mean I couldn’t sleep on it, I couldn’t wave with it, I could only move it maybe this high. And even the therapies that I had done, they were very short lasting.

So I was pretty stoked, I thought that was just pretty remarkable. And then there were other things, my hair, my skin, my nails, all felt better. I had much less inflammation on my body, I can take my wedding ring off, which I’ve not been able to do. One of my feet is a drop foot so I wore a brace, and I’ve always had a pathway to my big toe that I could just move it, I mean you could hardly see it but I could move it. But now I can move all the rest of my toes, enough that you could actually see it. So that pathway is working and getting better. That wasn’t one of my goals but I’ll certainly take it.

Do it. Go for it. Try it. There are no downsides to it, and I just feel that you have to be mentally open to it. But your body’s going to take care of the rest of it, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Call Bay Colony Chiropractic (serving Dickinson and League City) today!

Patient Appreciation Day

18 October 2019

Bay Colony Chiros - Patient Appreciation Day
Bay Colony Chiros - Patient Appreciation Day

How can stem cell therapy help with chronic neck conditions?

21 June 2019

Bay Colony Chiropractic - Stem Cell Therapy Treats Chronic Neck Conditions

Greetings once again from your friends at Bay Colony Chiropractic serving all of Galveston County, Texas and the surrounding area. We produce podcasts and blogs as a public service to educate the general public about how and why Americans increasingly include chiropractic care in their pain management plan.  Today's blog post addresses how stem cell therapy can be beneficial to those with acute and chronic neck issues.    

We invite you to listen and read along with Dr. Sanders as today she discusses stem cell therapy can help those with neck pain.  


Narrator: Welcome to the “Regenerative Wellness Podcast with Dr. Sanders”.  I’m Darren Kincaid along with Dr. Donna Sanders from Bay Colony Chiropractic here in Dickinson, Texas.  Dr. Sanders has been practicing chiropractic care for over 30 years staying on the forefront of the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care techniques available today. This podcast is dedicated to educating the people of Galveston County and the surrounding area on how to live younger, stronger, and better lives. The topic of today’s podcast is: "How can stem cell therapy help with acute and chronic neck issues"?   

Well all right, Dr. Sanders, so far in this pod cast series we’ve talked about the amazing benefits of stem cell therapy and how it can help both acute and chronic conditions of the knee, shoulder, and back. Today I thought we’d talk about neck problems. How have you used stem cell therapy to help with acute and chronic neck problems and what kinds of problems have you helped treat?

Dr. Sanders: Well we use the stem cells by injecting them into the effected area of the neck.  We’ve helped cases that range from fresh herniated discs to 30-year old chronic degenerative discs and bone spurs. Specifically, we’re not treating those conditions, rather, we’re offering the body the opportunity to heal itself. So by injecting stem cells into the area we decrease inflammation. They release molecules when they get to the inflamed degenerative cells. They then start to regenerate cells and repair the damage.

We had a lady that had a really bad herniated disc in her neck and it was causing severe pain. She had tingling down one of her arms.  She couldn’t move her head to the side. She was getting really bad headaches from all the spasms in her neck.  When we injected the stem cells in there she was immediately relieved of a lot of the pain because of the anti-inflammation effect of the stem cells. Then over the course of the next few weeks she was able to move her neck farther and farther. She regained full range of motion. She got rid of the pain and tingling.  It was pretty amazing to watch.

Narrator: Wow, so also things like whiplash that you can help when you’re talking about acute neck problems?

Dr. Sanders: Yes, absolutely. So in the case of whiplash, it’s just a fancy word for sprained muscles of the spine. The muscles when they get sprained, any muscle has a tearing effect of the fibers of the muscle.  If you leave the muscles torn they build scar tissue. The sooner that you put the stem cells into your tissues, the body starts to repair that tissue and it minimizes that scar tissue. It really is starting to revolutionize in helping with whiplash because the majority of the calls that I have in my office as a chiropractor are caused by scar tissue. Stem cells are changing the game here.

Narrator: Wow, incredible.  So anyone who has ever woke up with a sore neck from sleeping poorly, to me, that’s just awful pain.  I can image that if you had chronic pain from some old injury that can ruin your life if you had to live with that every single day. So can stem cell therapy actually help with a chronic pain issue?

Dr. Sanders: Yes. The majority of my practice deals with chronic degenerative illness of the spine. The majority of us don’t even know something is wrong until it is too late. We x-ray patients and their discs are flattened out. They have bone spurs pushing on the spinal cord. The stem cells are actually helping to create new disc space between the bones and nerves. We’re re-growing that soft tissue between the bone and nerve which is a game changer when you think about it. If the bones are pushing closer towards each other it closes up the hole where the nerve comes through. If we can increase that cushion (called a disc) by re-growing it then you have more power going through that nerve and less discomfort and pain.     

Narrator: Wow, that’s incredible. Anything that you can do to avoid surgery because we’ve all seen people with scars on the front of their neck to go in and help the spinal cord behind the neck. So that’s obviously very invasive so whatever you can do to avoid something like that, obviously is something we want to do. Right?

Dr. Sanders: Absolutely. Even some of my good friends who are neurosurgeons say that we don’t want to cut on the spine unless we absolutely have to.  And thank God their coming up with less invasive surgeries because the less that you traumatize the body the more that you are going to regenerate. On top of that, there starting to use more stem cell injections within those surgeries as well. They’re looking to regenerate tissue after the surgery as well.  

Narrator: That’s amazing, Dr. Sanders. For people with chronic pain, it is wonderful to hear that there are ways to help it without drugs or surgery. If you have a chronic physical condition and are ready to live a more pain-free life, or, if you would like more information on the power of regenerative wellness, please visit or call Dr. Sanders at (281) 337-3337. Improving your life just may be a phone call away!