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I Have a herniated disk and don't want surgery. Can Stem Cell Therapy help?

Bay Colony Chiropractic - Stem Cell Therapy for Herniated Disk

Greetings once again from your friends at Bay Colony Chiropractic serving all of Galveston County, Texas and the surrounding area.  We produce podcasts and blogs as a public service to educate the general public about how and why Americans increasingly include chiropractic care in their pain management plan.  Today’s blog post addresses how stem cell therapy may be your non-surgical solution to rotator cuff injuries.   

We invite you to listen and read along with Dr. Sanders as today she discusses stem cell therapy can help those with torn rotator cuffs.  


Narrator:   Welcome to the “Regenerative Wellness Podcast with Dr. Sanders”.  I’m Darren Kincaid along with Dr. Donna Sanders from Bay Colony Chiropractic here in Dickinson, Texas.  Dr. Sanders has been practicing chiropractic care for over 30 years staying on the forefront of the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care techniques available today. This podcast is dedicated to educating the people of Galveston County and the surrounding area on how to live younger, stronger, and better lives. The topic of today’s podcast is: “I have a herniated disc but don’t want surgery. Can Stem Cell Therapy Help”?  

Well OK Dr. Sanders, we are back in talking about the amazing results that you are getting with stem cell therapy. The case studies you shared on helping people with chronic and acute knee and shoulder problems are very inspiring. Today I thought we’d talk about back problems. So if someone has a herniated disc and they are faced with the prospect of invasive surgery and a lengthy recovery, can stem cells be a better alternative for them? 

Dr. Sanders: Absolutely. I have two cases in my office right now. One has three herniated discs and degeneration in the discs up in the spinal cord canal. We injected her in the lower back two weeks ago and within a week she was up and walking almost in no pain whatsoever.  In a week she was back working full time and living her life without any pain whatsoever. It was incredible to watch that happen. The other guy just herniated his disc last week. We injected him and by the time he got out of his car back at home he was out of pain. He was bent over, crooked, could barely get up and down out of a chair. When he would get out of his SUV when his feet would hit the ground from that distance, you know that can be a little jarring, his pain would be so awful. He came in the next day and said that you’re not going to believe this but I had no pain just minutes after the injection.  

Narrator: Wow, that’s amazing. So can the stem cells help other things like chronic issues like degenerative disc disease and things like that? 

Dr. Sanders: Yes, actually the more common issues that I see in my office are degenerative discs. And because I’m a functional corrective care chiropractor, I do full spine x-rays and we find degeneration from the lower back all the way up to the neck. The patients that are getting injected for the chronic discomfort and pain, we’re actually measuring disc heights increasing. So what that means is that we’re regenerating those discs in their backs that were thought to be a lost cause until now. When you increase that disc space your opening up the space that the nerve travels up to the bone. So the stem cells, they go to the fight and create the regeneration and decrease the inflammation so the patient feels better. But over the next three months they actually start to regenerate the tissues in that area. In this case regenerating the discs in the lower back. We’re seeing the most incredible response from it.  

Narrator: Wow, incredible, Dr. Sanders. It so great to hear that there are alternatives to back surgery. You don’t have to dig into the tissues of the back to fix problems anymore. I’m really excited about this because I’m a 55-year old and I have degenerative disc disease. I’m looking for alternatives all the time. So I’m definitely going to be looking into this.    

Dr. Sanders: I definitely think you should. I was reading research papers yesterday about how, as we get older, our stem cells, the MSC stem cells which are the most undifferentiated ones, the powerhouses if you will, they get weaker and we have less of them as we age.  Especially over the age of 50. And actually, under a microscope they look different than the umbilical cord MSC.  So when you get the injection your getting little baby cells and their only job in life is to go in and generate tissue. So if you’re having chronic degenerative back pain I would go straight to a stem cell clinic in your area.  

Narrator:  Great. It sounds like a fountain of youth.   

Dr. Sanders: Absolutely. A lot of people are calling it that.   

Narrator: Great, Dr. Sanders, thanks for sharing all this great information. If you have a chronic physical condition and are ready to live a more pain-free life, or, if you would like more information on the power of regenerative wellness, please visit or call Dr. Sanders at (281) 337-3337. Improving your life just may be a phone call away!

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