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What are Stem Cells

What are Stem Cells?Greetings to all once again from your friends at Bay Colony Chiropractic serving all of Galveston County, Texas and the surrounding area. We produce podcasts and blogs as a public service to educate the general public about how and why Americans increasingly include chiropractic care in their pain management plan. We educate the public on the fact that the American medical community increasingly refer their patients out to chiropractors as an increasingly effective alternative to invasive surgeries and opioid-based pain management.

We invite you to listen and read along with Dr. Sanders as today she discusses just what exactly are stem cells.

Narrator: Welcome to the “Regenerative Wellness Podcast with Dr. Sanders”. I’m Darren Kincaid along with Dr. Donna Sanders from Bay Colony Chiropractic here in Dickinson, Texas. Dr. Sanders has been practicing chiropractic care for over 30 years staying on the forefront of the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care techniques available today. This podcast is dedicated to educating the people of Galveston County and the surrounding area on how to live younger, stronger, and better lives. The topic of today’s podcast is: “What are Stem Cells”?

OK, Dr. Sanders. You are considered an expert on stem cell therapy and we’re going to be covering a lot in this pod cast series on stem cells. So for your first pod cast, let’s go “stem cell 101” and start with the basics. What exactly are stem cells?

Dr. Sanders: Stem cells are the foundation cells of our body. They’re actually are the cells that your body started with when it built all your body parts, your organs and such. They repair injured tissue and replace all the cells that are damaged every day. They actually are our body’s internal repair system.

Narrator: Wow, very interesting. Now are all stem cells made the same? Are there different types of stem cells?

Dr. Sanders: There definitely are different types of stem cells. The five types are 1) your fetal embryonic stem cells, then you have 2) ambionic fluid stem cells, 3) you have stem cells in the placenta, and then you have 4) the type that they call autologous which means your own that come from your body’s adipose tissue or fat or bone marrow, and then you have the 5) umbilical cord stem cells.

Narrator: Wow, fascinating. There is so much to learn about stem cells. I’m really looking forward to this pod cast series, Dr. Sanders. I really want to learn more about it. I’m 55 years old and I think I may need to get stem cell therapy for myself one day. I’m looking forward to it.

Dr. Sanders: That sounds like a good idea, Darren.

Narrator: If you have a chronic physical condition and are ready to live a more pain-free life, or, if you would like more information on the power of regenerative wellness, please visit or call Dr. Sanders at (281) 337-3337. Improving your life just may be a phone call away!

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