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What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Bay Colony Stem Cell Therapy

Greetings to all once again from your friends at Bay Colony Chiropractic serving all of Galveston County, Texas and the surrounding area.  We produce podcasts and blogs as a public service to educate the general public about how and why Americans increasingly include chiropractic care in their pain management plan.  We educate the public on the fact that the American medical community increasingly refer their patients out to chiropractors as an increasingly effective alternative to invasive surgeries and opioid-based pain management. 

We invite you to listen and read along with Dr. Sanders as today she discusses and explains the fundamentals of  “Stem Cell Therapy”. 


Narrator:  Welcome to the “Regenerative Wellness Podcast with Dr. Sanders”.  I’m Darren Kincaid along with Dr. Donna Sanders from Bay Colony Chiropractic here in Dickinson, Texas.  Dr. Sanders has been practicing chiropractic care for over 30 years staying on the forefront of the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care techniques today. This podcast is dedicated to educating the people of Galveston county and the surrounding area on how to live younger, stronger, and better lives. The topic of today’s podcast is: “What is Stem Cell Therapy”?

OK, Dr. Sanders, in our last podcast you answered the basic question: “What are stem cells”? We learned that stem cells are kind of like the body’s medics that go around with their own medicine bags to repair cells and cell tissues that are broken. We also learned that there are five different types of stem cells and that not all stem cells are made the same.  So Dr. Sanders, if we already have stem cells, why do we need stem cell therapy?

Dr. Sanders: Well, as we age, we have less and less stem cells. So, like for example, when you are born, one out of 10,000 of your cells are stem cells. By the time you are a teenager, one out of 100,000. By the time you are in your 50’s one out of 400,00, and by the time you are in your 80’s it’s one out of two million cells is a stem cell. Since they are the body’s repair system, as you age it becomes harder and harder to repair the damage of aging and our lifestyles.


Narrator: Don’t I feel that every day. Now that we know that we need to have stem cells therapy, why don’t you just tell us what stem cell therapy is.

Dr. Sanders: Stem cell therapy is when we actually inject stem cells from a human umbilical cord into the body.  They are naturally anti-inflammatory and they seek out degeneration. So wherever you have a degenerative body part, be it a joint or muscle, etc, they will build and repair and create new tissue. They naturally decrease the inflammation. They are attracted to the inflammation markers and they will bring that inflammation down.  They also have another effect of being modulatory, which means that they help balance the immune system and modulate the immune response of the body. So once we introduce stem cells, they are going to go to a body part that is broken down, degenerated, not functioning properly and stimulate that body part to regenerate and grow its cells naturally.

Narrator: OK, so yesterday after playing golf and my left thumb knuckle is very painful. I think I have arthritis in there. So something tells me that I might be able to benefit from stem cell therapy if you were to inject stem cells into that joint.  Does it work that way?

Dr. Sanders: Absolutely. We either inject them into the joint or into the muscles around the joint depending on the size of the joint and the condition. And then the stem cells will go to that joint because it is inflamed and deteriorated.  When they get there they will release molecules that will stimulate the tissue in that joint to regrow cartilage, muscle, ligaments, tendons, etc.

Narrator: Well, it sounds like I need to make an appointment with you Dr. Sanders. Well, very cool. Thank you for explaining what stem cell therapy is and why we need it. If you have a chronic physical condition and are ready to live a more pain-free life, or, if you would like more information on the power of regenerative wellness, please visit or call Dr. Sanders at (281) 337-3337. Improving your life just may be a phone call away!

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