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Gloria H. Testimonial

I’m 77 now, I’ve had 2 hip surgeries and 1 knee replacement. Orthopedic surgeon gave me Celebrex and it didn’t help that much. I told him I wanted to have injections and he gave me some kind of injection that didn’t work. Then I went another place in Galveston and they gave me 2 injections of the Rooster Comb and it didn’t work either. But I knew they had told me about stem cell so I had the knee done, and also in my arm. And the one in my arm took a little bit longer, but I often had back aches because I had pulled up a bulge in my lower back, in the spine and I’ve noticed the last 2 months, I haven’t had any back aches. And it’s much stronger, so I think it helped. I noticed that I can walk a lot further than I did before, I couldn’t go for walks or anything. Now I can, it doesn’t bother me.

I’m a believer because stem cell has worked for me, my knee, and I think in my back too. I haven’t had any more back aches lately.