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Kyra B. Testimonial

What happened is I hit something, a metal structure over a little stream. And my feet flew, I swear they were up over my head and I landed full force on my shoulder. I kept thinking it was going to get better and I was realizing these little weekly treatments I was having were not going to cut. So I came to Dr. Sanders and said, can you treat me? And let’s take a look at this, and she did x-rays, and set me for an MRI, and we discovered the severity of 3 torn tendons and 2 bursitis and a lot of different things going on with the shoulder. It was excruciating, every movement, I couldn’t live life normal at that point.

I had talked to a couple other people that had had stem cells but they weren’t in the kind of excruciating pain I was in. And that’s what was amazing to me was how quickly the pain, like went way way...I suddenly wasn’t in the same pain. I suddenly felt a freedom to be able to breathe again.

The stem cells truly transformed my life, and I’m an advocate at every level as a result. I felt it in my elbow, in my wrist, coz’ it was this whole side. I feel like it helped my neck as well, but it also like was in my back, I mean I could feel it moving around. So I think that the changes that I felt were a sense of, number 1, hope, a hope that there was help for me and that there was healing that was happening.

What you really have to lose is your pain and your suffering. And why would you not choose to take the risk of losing your pain and suffering and attaining well-being? What really is the risk involved? The only risk is the loss of the suffering and the pain that you’ve had. Coz’ there’s no bad side effect. It’s all for the benefit. And so I’m grateful to have that for myself and to welcome others to come and experience that for themselves.