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Shirley W. Testimonial

I mean I’d have to sit for about 30, 45 minutes before I could walk out because my knees were so tender. And that’s probably when I realized I had a problem at that time, so I had to quit the volunteer work and I guess things just sort of went downhill with the knees. I got a Cortisone shot in the 1 knee and that worked for, I don’t know, probably a year or 2. But then things started going again, so I was looking probably at a knee replacement but really didn’t want to do that either.

The stem cell worked very well for me, first month, I thought, “This is nothing.” For a month I thought I wasn’t getting any results, and the next month I thought, “Hey, I believe it’s better.” And by the time the third month, the 90 days that she had said was what it would take, my results are fantastic. I can’t answer for other people who have not had such fantastic results, but my results have been fantastic. I’m very pleased, and would do it again in a minute. If they go bad again, I’m probably going to be knocking on Donna’s door and say, “Hey, when’s the next injection due?” and I’ll probably have another. Stem cells therapies got me on my feet. Has it changed my life? It’s lots better to be on your feet and going than it is to be sitting on a chair and saying, “Oh my knee hurts. I can’t do this, I can’t do that.”

Oh, it has changed my life. I stopped and shopped on the way up here. And I can go shopping if I want to.