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Fancy word, but what is a Subluxation?

A “subluxation” is when any part of the neck or spine becomes misaligned, meaning a vertebrae is not evenly aligned with the rest of the spine.  Something happened to knock it out of position.  It may have been caused by trauma (often associated with automobile accident-related sudden impact), over-exertion (often associated with lifting accidents), or a slip and fall.  

When your neck or spine is subluxated, nerves that normally are protected within the neck or spinal structure are exposed to unnatural pressures.  This unnatural pressure on nerves causes pain of varying intensity.


What can happen if I don't treat my Subluxation?

Subluxation does more than subject nerves to unnatural pressure. Your body will compensate for the misaligned vertebrae and cause damage to the surrounding nerves and bones. Not good! Subluxated vertebrae of the neck and spine cause abnormal wear or “degeneration,” which can be very bad over time. The negative effects of spinal degeneration intensify the longer the condition remains untreated. Spinal degeneration can be treated, but as you might expect, the more extensive the state of degeneration, the more it effects the length and type of treatment that you must undertake. 

How do you treat Subluxation?

The pain associated with even the most severe cases of subluxation can be significantly mitigated and often eliminated through proper treatment. Diagnosis of a subluxation begins with a physical exam. Subluxation may be treated with spinal adjustments and manipulations, among other techniques. Your doctor will explain the best treatment program for you, based on your diagnosis.

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